Enhancing Fertility Before Baby

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 Women, and men, who struggle to conceive OR who want to optimize their health prior to pregnancy can focus on a few simple changes to enhance fertility. Simple changes can balance hormones, enhance pelvic blood flow, reduce inflammation that inhibits implantation, and detox harmful fertility disrupting toxins…

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Preconception Nutrition

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There is one aspect of creating healthy babies we can all agree- Nutrition! Prepping for pregnancy is all about eating well, and more than just eating good food, eating GREAT food. Your body will become the house in which your baby is created, and your baby will only receive the abundance of nutrients your body has to give. Your partner’s body will create half of the DNA and cell messaging to create your child, which can be enhanced with great nutrition. Eating a clean diet, robust with great nutrition a minimum of 3 months preferably 6-12 months prior to conception gives your baby a lifetime of wellness.

So, what DO you eat?

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